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Episode 08 – The Goonies Video Games

Insert Quarters and Press …… “START”!!!

On episode Eight, it’s time to rescue mermaids and karate-kick some rats with the power of a 13-year-old asthmatic! That’s right! It’s the GOONIES Video Games Episode! Join Ants and a slightly under-the-weather Matt as we mash some buttons and ask, “WTF?!?” as we side-scroll our way through the history of Goonies videogames. Join us on our mostly 8-bit journey through hide-outs, caverns, pirate ships and fun!

Be sure to visit our website to see videos of all the games in action, plus some awesome extras like links to emulators and even downloads for new & improved remakes! 

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Thanks for listening, Goonies Super-Fans!!!!!

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