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Episode 18 – The Goonies Map!!

X Marks the Spot!!!!

On the latest episode of Sloth Love Chunk, Matt and Ants unfurl all the secrets of the iconic GOONIES MAP!!!!

We learn all about the creative genius who designed the map and the gory lengths he went to for its details. What does all that Spanish writing really say? Ants’ wife makes an appearance as she helps us figure out just what the notes on the back of the map really sound like. It ain’t B-flat, that’s for sure! Stick around to hear what actually happened to the original map. If that’s not enough rich stuff, keep listening as Matt and Ants take a detour into Goonies trading cards. So come on, go grab your treaure map, tap-tap your compass and listen to Sloth Love Chunk wherever you get podcasts!

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