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Episode 17 – Ants Meets Kerri Green

Special Recap Episode!

Matt and Ants pop in real quick for another special episode of Sloth Love Chunk! Ants was super lucky to take his family to meet the awesome and sweet Kerri Green aka “Andy” from The Goonies at the recent hollyywoodshow!!! Come listen to Ants make Matt sooo jealous as he recounts one of his top five best days ever. 🤔 Was it even better than he could have imagined? What did she autograph? Are YOU the Map Super-Fan?!?!?!And why is everyone so private about text messages?!? Even Corey Feldman makes an appearance!!! So go take some piano lessons, find a Baby Ruth and listen to Sloth Love Chunk. It’s gonna be amazing!!!!

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Thanks for listening, Goonies Super-Fans!!!!

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