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Episode 06 – Giant Sushi!!!! The Goonies’ Deleted Scenes & More!

On the latest episode of Sloth Love Chunk, Ants and Matt dig deep into the dark depths of both the past and the internet present to bring you Deleted Scenes from The Goonies!

We discuss the classic Octopus attack and Stop ‘N Snack scenes….but we don’t stop there! Bonzo and Bertha make an appearance and confuse the heck out of us. Data’s Intimidator explodes! The infamous “Mr. Funnybones”! Why does Mouth thank Stef on the beach? Plus, Andy takes the Goonies oath….and so can you!!! You better stick around until the end when we talk about the recently discovered Alternate Ending and what it could mean for the universe itself?!? Listen to Sloth Love Chunk wherever you find your favorite podcasts!!!

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